what is pivot?

pivot is a comprehensive modern web based health insurance administration system designed for the complexities and challenges of the African market.

pivot includes all the functionality required to effectively manage your financial risks, policies, policyholders, medical providers, and brokers.

pivot is guaranteed to be more cost-effective than any other system that offers the same functionality, features, and risk management benefits.

features that matter

the reasons you’ll love it

Policies and Premiums

Easily create and manage fully customisable health plans. Benefit limits and premiums can be modelled on a wide variety of different criteria resulting in extreme plan design flexibility.

Brokers and Agents

A comprehensive broker and agent management system allowing for registrations, terminations, loading of bespoke commission structures and the allocation of clients.

Medical Providers

A state of the art module allowing for medical provider registration, termination, management of specific provider price agreements and allocation to different plan networks.

Groups and Individuals

End-to-end administration of employer groups and individual policyholders including online enrollment, amendments, waiting periods, and terminations.


Improved clinical and financial risk management through pre-authorisation of high-cost medical events e.g. hospitalisation, specialised radiology, and HIV treatment.

Claims Processing

Intelligent claims processing and adjudication against pre-determined clinical and financial rules with a comprehensive warning system to ensure appropriate decision making.

Document Management

Improved information preservation allowing for the scanning, indexing, storing and easy retrieval of paper claims, membership applications, and other important documentation.

Self-Help Portals

An easy, modern online-real-time web portal for policyholders, medical providers, brokers and agents to access relevant up to date policy, benefit and payment information.

Data Warehouse

State of the art online real-time data analytics that works the way you want, with interactive reports and customisable dashboards to enable you to unleash the power of your data.


Fast and efficient automated rules driven stakeholder communication delivered via email resulting in improved service delivery, improved user experience and engagement.

Invoices and Statements

Robust and secure automated stakeholder invoice and statement generation based on predefined frequencies ensuring appropriate and efficient financial management.

Data Migration

Experienced in the secure, seamless and uncomplicated migration of legacy data resulting in business continuity with minimal interruption to your business operations.

what do you get?

live reports

Transform your data with our business information
system, which gives you a beautiful analytical
experience, guiding you towards discovering insights
and making meaningful decisions. Explore with
limitless visual analytics and build
custom dashboards.

who we are

Our Philosophy

Pivot Systems is dedicated to serving the African health insurance market by being preferred locally and respected internationally. We believe that our relentless focus on our clients’ needs will establish Pivot Systems as the market leader in health administration and risk management systems across the African continent.

We are guided in everything we do by being committed and staying true to our core company values: integrity, transparency, mutual trust, and respect. 


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Risk Management
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Lean Six Sigma

executive team

Henk van der Merwe

Armand van Emmenis

Rensia van der Merwe

Linda van Emmenis

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